Image 1 of ASOS Sweatshirt With Skull Print

ASOS Sweatshirt With Skull Print

Image 1 of ASOS Sweatshirt With Wolf Print

ASOS Sweatshirt With Wolf Print



Men’s Vintage Pattern Oversized Shirt

Image 1 of ASOS Polo With Bamboo Stripe

ASOS Polo With Bamboo Stripe (still considering)


Skull Men Leather Bracelet


Silver skull bracelet (because it kinda looks like Grievous)

Image 1 of ASOS Premium Lizard Cat Eye Sunglasses

ASOS Premium Lizard Sunglasses (I’d just remove the glittery stones)

Vogue Homme Japan

I need a long Autumn-coat 

The Lost Boy


Peppe Tortora for L’Officiel Hommes

(the jewelry - he’s nice too, though)

Givenchy Menswear S/S 2010

Another Man F/W 09.10 | Ph: Serge Leblon | St: Bryan McMahon

Bastian Thierry | Ph: Alastair Strong | ‘THE LOBBYISTS’ | Wonderland April/May 2012

Neil Barrett Men’s Hybrid Jelly Boot Sandals

Haven’t updated in such a long while! I feel so lazy, but easter break just does something to you, and plus I’ve been spending time at a lot of dinners this break, and not to mention all the shows of impro-theatre I’ve done. I’m a busy busy little man - AND the boyfriend suddenly also wants of piece of you„, but I shouldn’t complain xD

All in all, I haven’t been online in a while, but I gathered all of this stuff for you guys, some pictures which, without lying, have been a huge inspiration for outfits these past two weeks. 

Hope you guys don’t hate me, cause I certainly don’t hate you.

lots of love and styling! - Nick  

01 Mar 12 at 12 pm

Le Blob : FAKASAKA - see the whole collection of this amazing jewelry following these links:
collection page 1
collection page 2
collection page 3
collection page 4
collection page 5

These pieces look amazing, I’m completely in love. I love how unique they are and how organic a lot of them look like - some more than others, while some looks like jewelrilised pieces from a beach. I mostly like the rings, earrings and bracelets.  

"Soft" clothing and some metallic attributes - like heavy jewelry, leatherjackets, rivets, stuff like that. I’ve been thinking about going through a bit of this kind of styling, and still keep some kind of layering in the clothing, and these pictures are awesome inspiration for this stuff!

Never be dependent anyone in this world. (by Reo Ma)

Supreme. (by Reo Ma)

I’m kinda in a rush because I have to go to something called ZeBU (a theatregroup that I’m in), but felt over Reo Ma on lookbook and his looks were stunning to me, so I had to share these looks along with two other very inspirational photos. 
I’m kinda in love with that blue colour of the top guy’s hair. Anyway, ZeBU !   

Today’s a lovely morning, school’s not until 10, so I could finally take me some time to just sit down, relax, have some coffee, some great breakfast, a cigaret and look at some 2012-collections, how I love it - one of my girlfriends called Kris would be so proud of me. 

Since I had a bad day yesterday I’m gonna make sure to have an awesome day today. These lovely things inspired me a bit to some very different outfits, lovely morning, lovely inspiration - and inspirational morning. Have a great day everyone :)


04 Jan 12 at 10 pm

Spine Necklace.

I would absolutely love to own a baby like this.

(Source: bigbraggwolf)

Spine Necklace.
I would absolutely love to own a baby like this.
10 Aug 11 at 12 pm

(Source: bigbraggwolf)

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19 Jul 11 at 10 pm