Attending a lot of socialties these following weekends - figuring out how to look…

Vogue Homme Japan

I need a long Autumn-coat 

The Lost Boy


Peppe Tortora for L’Officiel Hommes

(the jewelry - he’s nice too, though)

Givenchy Menswear S/S 2010

Another Man F/W 09.10 | Ph: Serge Leblon | St: Bryan McMahon

Bastian Thierry | Ph: Alastair Strong | ‘THE LOBBYISTS’ | Wonderland April/May 2012

Neil Barrett Men’s Hybrid Jelly Boot Sandals

Haven’t updated in such a long while! I feel so lazy, but easter break just does something to you, and plus I’ve been spending time at a lot of dinners this break, and not to mention all the shows of impro-theatre I’ve done. I’m a busy busy little man - AND the boyfriend suddenly also wants of piece of you„, but I shouldn’t complain xD

All in all, I haven’t been online in a while, but I gathered all of this stuff for you guys, some pictures which, without lying, have been a huge inspiration for outfits these past two weeks. 

Hope you guys don’t hate me, cause I certainly don’t hate you.

lots of love and styling! - Nick  

"Soft" clothing and some metallic attributes - like heavy jewelry, leatherjackets, rivets, stuff like that. I’ve been thinking about going through a bit of this kind of styling, and still keep some kind of layering in the clothing, and these pictures are awesome inspiration for this stuff!

Today’s a lovely morning, school’s not until 10, so I could finally take me some time to just sit down, relax, have some coffee, some great breakfast, a cigaret and look at some 2012-collections, how I love it - one of my girlfriends called Kris would be so proud of me. 

Since I had a bad day yesterday I’m gonna make sure to have an awesome day today. These lovely things inspired me a bit to some very different outfits, lovely morning, lovely inspiration - and inspirational morning. Have a great day everyone :)

I’m a big fan of the layer-style concept, and I tend to use it quite often. This is basically a lot of inspirational stuff that I think looks awesome.

I’m lazy so I didn’t took the time to separate these pictures, but here, I’m refering to the turkish-ish guy who simply rocks this outfit.